Just think… at the touch of a button you are given the means of exploring a whole new world of music. A world full of enthusiasm, passion, enjoyment and of course… sounds. Only these sounds may come from both, your own – acoustic – piano and a pair of connected speakers that can carry hundreds of sounds from practically every other instrument!

The PianoDisc is the finest system of its kind in the world. Invisible and completely silent, it’s installed within a normal acoustic piano, immediately turning it into a unique audio source (it can play itself and you can watch the keys move as if the pianist was present). Furthermore, it can connect to headphones, computer, sound system, television and so much more.

Lie down on your couch and enjoy your piano playing any kind of music from the inexhaustible collection available (classical, musicals, romantic, Christmas, etc.) through your phone (iPhone) or other similar sources (iPod, iPad, computer). PianoDisc’s only limitation is your imagination!

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