Among the oldest and most renowned German piano firms, W.Hoffmann was founded in Berlin in 1893. The piano was immediately praised for its outstanding quality and affordable price. And these, have remained the unchanged characteristics of the instrument ever since! With the one eye turned to the future and the other firmly fixed to its rich history (reason for which the company has named its two piano lines Vision and Tradition), W.Hoffmann has become known for consistency, quality, durability and of course wonderful sound. Part of the C. Bechstein group since 1992, W.Hoffmann pianos are manufactured in Europe, carefully crafted from the finest materials and with the knowledge and experience of the people of Bechstein evident in each and every note played. It’s the affordable piano series for professional demands! The production structures of the C.Bechstein Europe factory combine individual elaboration of each piano with skillful techniques; the true European feeling for a unique European product. The Bechstein experts know exactly how a good piano should sound. They have developed their craft for generations and they build pianos with a passion!