Gebrüder Perzina

Julius and Albert Perzina were the sons of a Saxon piano builder who set out to continue their father’s work. On 1 July 1871 they proudly opened their piano factory with the name Gebrüder Perzina (Perzina Brothers) in Schwerin; a small yet pleasant town, capital of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg in the north of Germany. It was no more than a large workshop where they actually went to work with 12 other craftsmen! The process was purely according to traditional methods and completely manual, from the refined woodwork to the casting of the frames. In those days there were almost 500 piano factories all over Germany and during the first decades of the 20th century most of these companies perished. But Perzina survived! The Perzina piano was received well: exhibitions brought medals, diplomas and other awards and wherever the piano was heard it received enthusiastic approval. The company has remained faithful to the formula laid down by the Perzina Brothers, over 140 years ago. The pianos distinguish themselves through their remarkably beautiful tone and sound. They are very pleasant to play and are warmly accepted by many institutions and piano players while their price is remarkably low; especially when their excellent quality is taken into consideration. Today, the Perzina pianos use some of the finest material from around the world and are hand crafted with the principles and values of Julius and Albert Perzina at the all-new state-of-the-art Yantai Perzina Piano Manufacturing plant.