the man

Stavros V. Kyriakides

002Founder and Managing Director of SVK Pianotech [Kyriakides Piano Gallery], Kyriakides is considered by many as the best piano technician in the island today. Educated in Great Britain and the USA in the field of “Stringed Keyboard Instrument Technology”, he also received specialised training and worked at the facilities of such reputable manufacturers as PianoDisc, Steinway & Sons and Gebrüder Perzina.

A Steinway Concert Technician since 1998 (having graduated from the famed C.F.Theodore Steinway School for Concert Technicians), Stavros V. Kyriakides is actively involved in many different aspects of the piano trade and enjoys membership in reputable associations from around the world.

Particularly active in the cultural and social life of Cyprus, Kyriakides participated in the Committees of several foundations, such as Dionysos Cultural and Dancing Group of Limassol, the European Piano Teachers’ Association and Cyprus’ Music Committee. At present he is President of Avantgarde Cultural Foundation and member of the Cultural Institute.

Some of Avantgarde’s greatest and most successful cultural events have been Kyriakides’ brainchildren, like the “PanCyprian Competition for Young Pianists” or the “Concert for 10 Pianos and an Orchestra”! Even the founding of Avantgarde was made possible after his strong wish and tireless efforts to support and strengthen the cultural life of Cyprus. Under Kyriakides’ presidency, Avantgarde grew into one of the country’s biggest and most reputable cultural foundations.

Personal friend to some of the world’s greatest artists (Vladimir Ashkenazy, Thomas Duis, Dimitris Sgouros to name a few), Kyriakides strives for significant and on-going contribution to the society through music. Pianos worth well over €300,000 have been donated after Kyriakides’ initiatives, to promote music education and support the cultural life of Cyprus.

In his professional career, Kyriakides has had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s greatest legends: Luciano Pavarotti, Emma Shaplin, Buena Vista Social Club, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Andrea Bocelli, Christina Branco, Cesaria Evora, The Ten Tenors, Grigory Sokolov, Joja Wendt, Thomas Duis, Dimitris Sgouros, Anderson & Roe, Igudesman & Joe and the list goes on. In 2000, Stavros V. Kyriakides was included in the Millennium Edition of the “Leading Cypriot Businessmen and their Business”.