there’s a piano waiting just for you!


In a country where history, civilization and culture date back several thousands of years and concerts are (still) being performed in ancient open-air amphitheaters, the positioning of the “right” piano on stage is important!

Kyriakides Piano Gallery can supply both upright and grand pianos for weddings, concerts, recitals and other events. Indoors or outdoors? One piano or more? For a single day or longer? A small upright or the majestic concert grand?  You let us know of your needs and we take care of the rest. When a piano is hired, we undertake the task of delivering it to the venue and tuning it to our customer’s requirements. All that the organizers have to do is bring the pianist! Prices vary depending on the size and model of the piano, the type of services required etc. For further information and a quote according to your special requirements, why don’t you contact us; or even better why don’t you come in for a coffee, meet us in person and let us know of your needs!

home use

It is common practice for many people to hire a piano for a while, before moving onto buying the instrument. At Kyriakides Piano Gallery we rent pianos on a monthly basis and, to our knowledge, we are the only company in Cyprus that always provides its customers with completely new pianos! That’s right! You want to hire a piano for your child at home? There’s a brand new instrument waiting here for you!

The rental fee quite low and the first 12 months of rent are deducted from the retail price of any piano at the event of a subsequent purchase. For further information and full contract details, please contact us. Of course a visit to our showrooms would allow us to elaborate further and you to choose from the pianos available.