…oh, stop it - we’re blushing!

“ …The sincere congratulations of the President of the Republic for the actions and contribution of Avantgarde Cultural Foundation so far; a non-profitable cultural organization which supports the cultural development and creativity in our country. Remarkable are also the support that it provides the young artists with, and the representation of Cyprus at the European and International stage”.

Chrysis PantelidesSpecial Advisor to the President on behalf of Tassos Papadopoulos, President of the Republic of Cyprus (2003-2008)

“…Thank you so much for sending me the CD recording under the name “Young Europe Salutes Cyprus”. The collection is very good and I am sure will help to promote Cyprus. Congratulations for the initiative and the excellent work”.

George VassiliouPresident of the Republic (1998-2003)

“…I congratulate you for the wonderful musical evening you offered to all those who were fortunate enough to attend the concert “Medieval Cyprus” with ten pianos and the Cyprus State Orchestra; organized by Avantgarde Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture and was part of this year’s Kypria International Festival. …I would also like to congratulate you on your decision to donate seven of the ten pianos used at the concert to the Ministry of Education and Culture. This gesture highlights once again the high ideals that characterize you. …I am confident that you will continue with the same zeal your creative contribution to the cultural life of our country. ”

Fotini PapadopoulouFirst Lady (2003-2008)

“… I would like to congratulate you for your contribution to the cultural life of our country. I hope the important work you carry out will find worthy imitators. ”

Kypros ChrysostomidesSpokesman to the government (2003-2008)

“…I would like to thank you on behalf of the Youth Board of Cyprus for providing us with so many of the “Young Europe Salutes Cyprus” CDs. I would like to inform you that these CDs have been presented, amongst others, to representatives of Youth Organizations in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Hungary etc. I would also like to convey to you the congratulations from all the recipients of these CDs for their musical quality as well as their thanks for the valuable gift they received”.

Thrasyvoulos ThrasyvoulouSecretary General, Youth Board of Cyprus

“Leaving Cyprus today, I simply wanted to let you know how impressed I was by the wonderful and expert organization of the visit of the EUYO. We all feel that the Cypriot Authorities and of course you at Avantgarde made everything possible to make this visit the great success it was, in the real spirit of Europe. THANK YOU!”

Vladimir AshkenazyPianist, Conductor

“The dynamic project in Cyprus will live long in the history of the Orchestra and the European Union, and the involvement of the Avantgarde Foundation and the Ministry of Culture was memorable and aroused the imagination of the people of Cyprus – and indeed the young people of Europe”.

Joy BryerCo-Founder and Secretary General, European Union Youth Orchestra

“…Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to play. It has been very important for me to play in my country, while still on the first year of my studies. My recital was perfectly organized, and for that I extend my thanks. I am really grateful. I hope you will continue giving the same kind of opportunities to all young musicians”.

Rami SarientinPianist