music & brain

oh yes… they are related!

Music education is directly related to the development of competencies and skills that children need to be successful in life. Skills and virtues like restraint, patience, sensitivity, coordination, concentration and the ability to store information are greatly enhanced thanks to the exposure to music.

Recent studies have shown that working with music and especially learning how to play the piano from an early age, develop parts of the brain that improve the child’s performance in sciences such as mathematics and physics, mental games like chess and various other aspects of engineering!

It has also been proved that all children are born with musical ability. At the age of just 2 months, children can recognize melodies and frequencies while until the age of four months they can match a tempo.

Should a child be left to grow up without practicing his musical abilities, these will become limited and could even be lost forever. The acquisition and use of a piano is the first step towards strengthening and developing such skills!