culture’s closest ally

Kyriakides Piano Gallery is actively involved in the cultural life of Cyprus. Every effort has been made since the company’s foundation in 1993 to support the cultural life of the island, at first by sponsoring and later by producing different events.

One of our most exciting projects is the “PanCyprian Competition for Young Pianists”. Organized for the first time in May 1998 and biennial ever since, this competition has been characterized by many as the best of its kind in Cyprus.

In October 2001, the company’s founder and Managing Director Stavros V. Kyriakides initiated the founding of Avantgarde Cultural Foundation a non-profitable organization dedicated in promoting the cultural life of Cyprus and supporting the local artists, especially the young. Since then, Kyriakides Piano Gallery supports Avantgarde with all means possible.

Recently, the company has introduced the institution of “in-house concerts” at our showrooms, with great success. Evenings in a relaxed atmosphere that allow music lovers to come in contact with great artists over a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and of course, music!

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