frequently asked questions

1 Can I hire a piano for a year and then buy it without “loosing” the money I paid?

YES! You can hire a piano for as long as you like. The rental fee paid for up to 12 months is refunded in the event of a purchase from our company. You can choose between our large selection of pianos (upright or grand; new or used).

2 My child is only 7 and has started playing the piano only recently. Should I buy an expensive piano or just settle for something cheaper until I see his/her progress?

Never “settle” when it comes to your child’s education! Should your finances permit the investment in a “better” piano do not think twice before buying one! A recent research has proved that the vast majority of the children who stop playing the piano do so because of the poor quality of the instrument they either have at home or their teacher has at school.

3 Can I buy something cheap now and upgrade my piano later?

Of course. The ultimate upgrade would be to change your piano for a lovely grand piano. Until that time comes, we will only be too happy to help you choose a piano that fulfils your current needs and later trade it in for a better instrument.

4 Why should I buy a piano from Kyriakides?

We have the biggest choice of pianos in Cyprus and a large selection of instruments is always available. Here, you will be able to play and hear for yourself pianos of different manufacturers, origins and quality. We deal exclusively with pianos and we support the instrument with all means possible, including technical support to the highest level. In short, we are piano people!